Forest machines

ASM Østervang standard equipment for christmas tree production and forestry

ASM ØSTERVANG has as engineering a comprehensive range of standard machines primarily designed for and in collaboration with nurseries and Christmas tree producers. Machines that make the workflow more efficient and profitable.

The standard range of machines for forestry include

Fencing Unfolding Machine

Østervang Fencing Unfolding Machine has the capability of holding two rolls of wire netting. The unfolding of wire netting can be done at left or right side. The shifting from one side to another is a quick and easy task.
The roll holder can be tilted horizontally enabling quick and easy feeding of wire netting rolls. The fencing can be stretched to its maximum and locked between two flat bars with pliers before final cutting and disengaging of the Østervang Fencing Unfolding Machine. Østervang Fencing Unfolding Machine is a quick and easy equipment to operate saving hours of manual work.

Three point connector. Attachment tool box.
Roll capacity
1800 mm
2000 mm
1400 mm
820 mm

Fence Winder Machine

Østervang hydraulic Fence Winder a 100% Danish-made machine to roll the fence on the plantation.

The machine is mounted in the tractors three point connector.

The width is adjusted hydraulically, depending on the width of the fence.

Pull by 2 hydraulic motors.

Three point connector. Attachment tool box.
Roll capacity

Pallet Stacker

Østervang Pallet Stacker integrates forks made of TPS-hollow sections.

A rigid Pallet Stacker for transport of Christmas trees and branches for decorations purposes.

The Østervang Pallet Stacker is also available with fork lift tower.

Three point connector. Foot step. Fork holder.
Fork length
2300 mm
2300 mm
2000 mm
820 mm

Transport wagon

Østervang transport wagon but strong in its design, at a very competitive price.

Low loading height and ideal for trees and branches.

Standard model
Loading height
750 mm
Loading length
5000 mm
Load width
2100 mm
Max. axel pressure
3000 kg
10x80-12 10 lag/PR

One Arm Spray Bar

Østervang One Arm Spray Bar fitted with 1000-liter tank, clean water tank, rinse tank, chemical tank, pipe roller for cleaning the spray exterior, EC fittings and with optional 2 sets standard nozzles.

Fitted with bar behind for spraying spray tracks.

Spray width of tractor wheels is 12 meters and spray height up to 3,3 meters.
Spray Bar length 2 x 5 meters, the outer of which is made of aluminum. 2 meter final nozzle.

The Spray is then divided spray width can be respectively 5, 10 or 12 meters. Furthermore, two meters spray width of spray track.

The Spray Bar can be tilted when driving in hilly terrain.

Standard model.
Max. spray height
3,3 m
Bar length
2 x 5 m

Tree Planting Machines

Østervang tree planting machines supplied as 1, 2 or 3 row planter.

There can be made superstructure / tent or hydraulic marker on third row planting machines.

By default, the machine is equipped with a mechanical plant spacing clickswhich gives signal of planting.
This can be infinitely adjusted to the desired distance.

There may also choose a plant computer as extra equipment.

Standard model
Replaceable wear tip in the plant share
Fitted with coulters or grub share
Row spacing changed quickly and easily with spindle
Adjustable plant containers that protect plants
Pointer to the tractor driver, does not apply to 1 row
Removable weight blocks which ensures proper pressure for planting
Can be disassembled for any transport on a trailer or pickup
Seats can be adjusted in length and lateral shift
Adjustable footrests

1, 2, 3 or 4 rows heavy duty planting machines

Østervangs heavy duty planting machines available in four variants:

  • 1 row heavy duty tree planting machine with side displacement or hydraulic side displacement
  • 2 row heavy duty tree planting machine with adjustable row distance
  • 3 row heavy duty tree planting machine with adjustable row distance
  • 4 row heavy duty tree planting machine with adjustable row distance

The machine is fitted with big ground cutting blades and is ideal for replanting of old Christmas tree crops.

Fitted with hydraulic cylinder, so you can push the machine into the ground. Furthermore, the machine is fitted with large plant box and extra magazine for the storage of plants.

As additional accessories can be mounted with machine tent/cover, planting-computer and / or soil scraper blade.

GPS Planting Machine

Culture plow

Østervang culture plow creates a good breeding ground for replanting the forest ground.

Culture plow depth work the land with its hydraulic overload protected
grub inserts. After plowing / scraper plate / tooth slices of pasture and humus layer
the sides. There have now created a wide furrow with exposed mineral soil.

Furrow width can be infinitely adjusted using the spindle.

To three point connector
900 kg
1600 mm
1400 mm
2000 mm

Tree Netting Machine

Østervang tree netting machine is 100% hydraulic in order to provide best and fastest working conditions.

Functional and simple design.

Available in 3 models.

NetM-T: For tractor hydraulics
NetM-K: For tractor PTO
NetM-M: With petrol engine

Optional accessories:
Bracket with 3 funnels – Fire-fly.

Plastic funnels
250 & 340 mm
Table width
570 mm
Pulling length
2100 mm
1100 mm
4100 mm

Christmas Tree Sharpener

Østervang Christmas Tree Sharpener makes life easy for the end user.

With 4 different sizes to fit any size of tre stand.

The tree sharpener is available in diameter 40-50-60-70 mm
Interchangeable adjustable knives.

Direct mounting to tractor PTO. 3 point connecting bracket
2 Tree
50 & 70 mm

Pallet packing machine with hydraulic press function and Christmas tree elevator

Example of quick and easy palletizing of Christmas trees:
The pallet packing machine mounted on the tractor three-point linkage and hydraulic hoses and plugs connected, pallet packing the box customized pallet size (from 1.2 x 2.2 m to 1.2 x 3.0 m).

The pallet is placed on the pallet forks and support boards put in brackets, surrings string made ​​ready. The helper rows trees, first directly in the box, since using the elevator. The operator can easily come from the maneuvering platform to checkout and benefits trees in layers, highlight the box and compress pallet. To finish the pallet is compressed and bonded the surrings strings. Hydraulic function can now be switched on, one man from tractor to raise the box and remove the filled pallet so that the machine is ready for a new palletizing.

Pallet size
1,2 x 2,2 m - 1,2 x 3,0 m
Lifting height
2,80 m
3,70 m
2,50 m
2,70 m
ca. 1.610 kg

Medium pallet packing maschine

The ASM Medium pallet packing maschine is designed with low loading height an and ekstra compression aggragate.

2,5 m

Manuel firewood clover

ASM has in recent years supplied several manual firewood clover to the State Forests and municipalities where they can be found on public barbecues and bonfires.

The firewood clover is made of a sturdy construction. As the foundation can use a heavy duty pavement tile, which the machine can be bolted on. This makes the clover more stable and difficult to remove from the site.

By using this clover, you can even both saws and clove wood for the barbecue dinner.

On the clover is mounted a holder in which the stem down, so there are teams in it when the tree be cut.
Then the lumber is ready to be cleaved.

BBQ Fire Place Grill

ASM has in recent years supplied several barbecues to State Forests and municipalities where they can be found on public barbecues and bonfires.

The grill is made of a sturdy construction. It is mounted on heavy tile, which buried and thus becomes difficult to remove. The grill features adjustable height and can be swung out to both sides.