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ASM ØSTERVANG - Tree Planting Machines

Østervang tree planting machines supplied as 1, 2 or 3 row planter.

There can be made superstructure / tent or hydraulic marker on third row planting machines.

By default, the machine is equipped with a mechanical plant spacing clickswhich gives signal of planting.

This can be infinitely adjusted to the desired distance.

There may also choose a plant computer as extra equipment.


 Standard model  
Replaceable wear tip in the plant share
Fitted with coulters or grub share
Row spacing changed quickly and easily with spindle
Adjustable plant containers that protect plants
Pointer to the tractor driver, does not apply to 1 row
Removable weight blocks which ensures proper pressure for planting
Can be disassembled for any transport on a trailer or pickup
Seats can be adjusted in length and lateral shift
Adjustable footrests


 Technical specifications    

1 row

2 rows

3 rows


150 cm

230 cm 

280 cm 


270 cm

240 cm

240 cm


150 cm

150 cm

150 cm

 Row distance:  

100-200 cm

100-150 cm


300 kg

500 kg

800 kg


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