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ASM ØSTERVANG - One Arm Spray Bar

Dragone_sprøjte.JPGØstervang One Arm Spray Bar fitted with 1000-liter tank, clean water tank, rinse tank, chemical tank, pipe roller for cleaning the spray exterior, EC fittings and with optional 2 sets standard nozzles.

Fitted with bar behind for spraying spray tracks.

Spray width of tractor wheels is 12 meters and spray height up to 3,3 meters.
Spray Bar length 2 x 5 meters, the outer of which is made of aluminum. 2 meter final nozzle.

The Spray is then divided spray width can be respectively 5, 10 or 12 meters. Furthermore, two meters spray width of spray track.

The Spray Bar can be tilted when driving in hilly terrain.

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 Standard model  
Max. spray height  3,3 m
Bar length  2 x 5 m


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