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ASM ØSTERVANG - Fencing Unfolding Machine

Østervang Fencing Unfolding Machine has the capability of holding two rolls of wire netting. The unfolding of wire netting can be done at left or right side. The shifting from one side to another is a quick and easy task.


The roll holder can be tilted horizontally enabling quick and easy feeding of wire netting rolls. The fencing can be stretched to its maximum and locked between two flat bars with pliers before final cutting and disengaging of the Østervang Fencing Unfolding Machine. Østervang Fencing Unfolding Machine is a quick and easy equipment to operate saving hours of manual work.
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 Standard unit  

Three point connector.

Attachment tool box.

Roll capacity 1800 mm
Height 2000 mm
Width  1400 mm
Length  820 mm

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