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ASM ØSTERVANG is a traditional forging company established in 1989 located in Astrup, located in Mariagerfjord municipality in the eastern part of Himmerland.

With great flexibility and adaptability of the company quickly generated a natural and leadership development and production af machinery for forestry, including specializing in machinery and equipment for Christmas tree production.

ASM Østervang SET FRA LUFTENASM ØSTERVANG stands today as a well run company with great focus on the finished product can deliver quality at competitive prices.


ASM ØSTERVANG can from its environment in the former farm buildings offer a comprehensive production apparatus with the almost 10 employees to meet virtually all tasks when it comes to product development, contractuel work and production of own developed products.


ASM ØSTERVANGs own product program, each year in August found on Langesø-Fair like more choice is always to find the address in Himmerland.